🔹 Waking up every morning with the FREEDOM to do what you absolutely love all day long...

🔹 Generating the income you desire...

🔹 Spending more time with your family, traveling and living life by your OWN DESIGN...

🔹 Building a LEGACY and creating GENERATIONAL WEALTH for your family...


That's what happened to us!

We started Cupcakeology with two 12-count cupcake pans, a stand mixer and our conventional oven. We quickly got tired of the 9-5 rat race by day and completely burned ourselves out by night and weekend trying to build our own business. We weren't quite ready to make the big leap into our dream storefront bakery, so we thought outside of the box, began working on our business plan, found a small kitchen inside of a doctors office building and officially made Cupcakeology a real, legitimate, full time business.

After 5 years of perfecting our products, building a stronger business foundation, marketing our butts off and shoving our cupcakes into the mouths of as many people as possible, the word spread about our little "office building bakery" and we finally moved into our DREAM storefront bakery! 

We took Cupcakeology from a home baking 'side hustle' and grew it into a multi six-figure national brand.

Just by getting into the CEO mindset and taking "the right" steps to start a business with a strong foundation, we were able to plant, nurture, and grow our business which gave us the freedom to design our own life, generate the income we desired, inspire others to go after their own dreams, and create a legacy that will last for generations to come!

And we've been helping other home bakers transition their baking business into a profitable and successful bakery by teaching the exact blueprint we used to start, grow and maintain our business! And after a decade of serving cupcakes, cakes and other delicious treats, we are now 100% committed to giving back on a bigger level! We are now here to serve YOU! Let's go!





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How To Turn Your Home Baking Business Into A Profitable Bakery In 2021!

Our Legacy

We teach bakers, cakers, and treat makers how to get out of their own way and begin the journey to transition their home baking business into a profitable bakery! We share the very same blueprint that we used to turn our little "cupcake hustle" into a multi six-figure national brand! Not only do we give you the exact steps to grow, but we teach you how to build a strong foundation and how to become a strong business person so your business can grow into a brand that will last for generations to come! It's our time to create freedom for ourselves and wealth for the ones coming up behind us! Let's go!

Who is Rob & Jen? The Cupcake King & Queen of Cupcakeology!

Rob and Jen met while working together at what was know as, The Old Country Buffet, as teenagers. Although they quickly became good friends, their paths weren't quite aligned yet, until 4 years later when they were reunited by a mutual friend. 


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How To Write An Effective Business Plan Template and Worksheet

Writing a business plan is NO JOKE! But even before getting to the writing process, you may be thinking, "What the heck is this for and what the heck do I put in it"😳 Does this sound familiar?  We're here to tell you that creating your business plan is one of the most important tasks to do when starting your business. It lays the foundation for your business. Knowing your business plan inside and out before starting your business or taking it to the next level will give you a greater chance of surviving inevitable market shifts and economic downturns and will keep your business around for years to come! Therefore, you shouldn't sell another thing without mapping out a plan for your business first.  But you still don't know what to include in it right? That's why we created the How To Write An Effective Business Plan Template and Worksheet🤩 In this template, we list every section required in a business plan. We also very clearly explain how to plan and take action on every section in your business plan so that you will learn the ins and outs of your business as you go along.  Not only will you know how to write an effective business plan to be able to request funding from a lender, you will also become a more knowledgeable business person who will be ready to build a strong foundation for a long lasting LEGACY🌟  

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