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How To Turn Your Home Baking Business Into A Profitable Bakery🎂🧁

Learn how to turn your Home Baking Business into a profitable & successful bakery, build a strong business model for a long lasting legacy, and our secret to attracting a steady stream of paying customers! I'll be teaching and answering your questions LIVE🔥 This Thursday at 8:00pm EST.

✨FREE Bonuses✨ Once you register, you'll receive 2 resources for extra support during your business journey. And a BONUS resource during class which is the #1 resource we used to grow Cupcakeology into a multi six figure national brand!

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When the countdown hits zero and you don't have a seat in my LIVE training class, then you completely missed out on the BIGGEST opportunity of your business career! If you still see time left on the clock above, click the link to register ~right away~ before all of the seats are filled. This class is limited to ONLY bakers who are SERIOUS about taking their baking business to the next level in 2021! We get down to business in this class...NO FLUFF! This is our year of QUANTUM LEAPS and we're taking you along the ride with us! ARE YOU READY?

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  • Waking up every morning with the FREEDOM to do what you absolutely love all day long...

  • Generating the income you desire...

  • Spending more time with your family, traveling and living life by your OWN DESIGN...

  • Building a LEGACY and creating GENERATIONAL WEALTH for your family...


That's What Happened To Us!


We started Cupcakeology to spend more time with our kids, call our own shots, and to fill a void in our community.

Little did we know, this bakery was actually the mustard seed for us to become the architects to design the life we wanted to live and the FREEDOM to live it how we want to live it!

Not only did it put us in front of the people and resources to learn how to turn our profits into assets which is currently creating generational wealth for our family, but we took the necessary steps to build a strong business foundation which will leave a lasting LEGACY long after we are gone from this earth. 


Join me in my LIVE training class where I'm teaching you the steps we took to make it happen. 

You'll Learn How To:

✔️ BUILD A STRONG BUSINESS MODEL- Learn the necessary steps to create a strong foundation so your business will not only survive but thrive in any economic downturn!

✔️ HOW TO MAKE YOUR BUSINESS LEGIT- Learn how to legitimize your baking business to take full advantage of the perks of being a business owner!

✔️ PRICE YOUR PRODUCTS FOR MAXIMUM PROFITS- Learn what costs to include when pricing out your products. Learn what a profit margin is and how to increase it so that you have profits to re-invest in the growth of your business. 

✔️ MARKET LIKE A ~BEAST~ TO TURN YOUR 'LIKES' ON SOCIAL MEDIA INTO PAYING CUSTOMERS- How to find loyal, happy customers willing to pay what your products are worth. How we increased our sales by 300% using this method!

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Who Is Rob & Jen Morris?

Rob & Jen are believers that anything is possible if you believe it to be true and the sky is only your limit if you limit yourself to the sky!

They managed to take their little "cupcake hustle" that they started in their home in 2010 and turn it into a multi six figure business now turned national brand!

Their community and very loyal customers followed them along on their journey as they expanded their business from retail, to wholesale, to shipping products all over the US, to appearing on local and national TV shows, to starting a food blog, to mentoring local aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own businesses!

Now they are watching as Rob & Jen start the next chapter of their business journey mentoring and coaching home bakers on how to start, grow, and maintain a successful and profitable bakery of their own in their mentoring program, The Start Small Win BIG Academy where they've been guiding business owners towards their grand opening day for the last 3 years! Now they are available 100% to hold their hand to ensure the success of their hardworking mentees so they can know how it feels to own a successful bakery business of their own!

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